Fed up

Hey girls

So I went in today to have my lletz.  I was doing really good,  no crying like before.  The consultant was amazing,  explained everything and was so caring.  Unfortunately though,  we couldn't do the lletz.  I have a tilted uterus,  and for some reason my cervix didn't want to play ball today,  refusing to be visualized (probably because it knew what was going to happen! ). He couldn't have done the lletz without clamping my cervix and there was a high risk of clipping my vaginal wall.  I was hoping it was all going to be over today.  Feel very down. It's not helped by the fact they still can't tell me for definitely that it's cancer because it's microscopic.  I know that's a good thing but I just want these cells out of my body,  especially if they are cancerous.  

Has anyone had a similar experience with their cervix being slightly hidden?  I've been told it shouldn't affect me having kids, it's just one of those things xxx

Sorry to hear that :( when went for smear nurse told me I was tilted but no mention at colp, mine behaved! Have you got to go back from ga or not sure yet? X

Ga will be  11th November and then see what the biopsies say when they come back.  Fingers crossed the will have got it all xx

Hello, I can't really offer any advice but I too have a tilted uterus. I didn't even know until it was mentioned during the birth of my first child. It's never caused any problems although the nurse always tends to have to have a good rummage about during my smear tests to get a decent view, which is a bit more uncomfortable than it should but nothing major. Like the lady above, it wasn't mentioned during my colposcopies or LLETZ treatment either, maybe thats because they were more experienced or used to this thing, I dont know. I too was told its quite common and I've had no trouble conceiving or giving birth. Hopefully they can get a good look next time, slthough I understand the waiting is torture. Good luck x