Hi all,

I had my Lletz done in May and my results came back all clear.

I was wondering if anybody else had the same problems I've had recently...I have gone back to having post-coital bleeding and sex itself has become rather painful for me. It has now got to the stage where I don't want to sleep with my boyfriend (this has never happened in the 5years we've been together). I dread actually having sex as I can't cope with pain and the swelling is unbelievable (sorry if TMI). We haven't changed anything from when we first got together.

I have been to see my doctor as I'm a bit worried and they have brought my appointment forward from November to next Monday, has anybody else been in this situation?



Hi there, I have no experience of this but you have done the right thing in asking for help. Hope your get some answers soon. It's the not knowing that is hard to deal with but you will get some answered soon. Hang in there. Xx

Hi pk, Thank you for assuring me that i've done the right thing, I know sometimes the scarring can cause the cerivx to close a little (?) and i'm just a little bit worried i guess as these things don't seem normal. Waiting certainly isn't fun and i know no matter what, that the symtpoms i had before the LLETZ are always going to worry me. I hope so, i feel so grateful though as I shouldn't have had a smear for another 2 years. Thanks for the kind words and I hope your recovery is going well xx