Tomorrow is the day

Hi everyone,

tomorrow I go into hosp to get VAIN3 lasered off under GA. I'm so nervous, they're going to do more biopsies to check there's nothing worse than VAIN lurking... Dreading the GA even tho I know I'll only b out for a wee while. Will I be fine the next day? What sort of pain should I expect? I was very uncomfortable for a while after the vaginal biopsy so am expecting to b pretty sore after laser treatment AND more biopsies. Feel silly moaning when there r so many going through worse than me but can't help but worry


Hey Nemo,

Only just saw this post, sorry I'm too late! How did it go? How have you been today? Hope it all went smoothly :)

I'm having LLETZ under GA on Monday, preeetty nervous but mostly about the fact I'm walking into the operating theatre... ?! I have anxiety and always worry about fainting so I'm not entirely sure I trust myself to hold it together in a) the admissions lounge or b) the theatre pre-surgery! So I'm keen to hear about your experience.

I hope you're not too sore today, and that you've been given plenty of time to recover!


My LLETZ was smooth sailing - hoping yours was just as straightforward. Sending you lots of love, Nemo :)