LLETZ today!

Had my second LLETZ treatment this morning to hopefully remove whats left of the abnormal cells in my cervix. I'm in quite a bit of discomfort this time, I had hardly any pain last time, but im guessing they were probably more thorough this time given what was found previously. They are going to ring me in a week with the results, but other than hopefully am in the clear amd won't be back there for 4-6months :) 


I know in comparison to the majority of you my story is pretty low key but I just want to thank all the lovely ladies who have taken the time to reply me despite what they may be going through themselves, and I honestly couldn't have got through it without this site! so thank you all!! 


Mica xxxxxx

HI there,

I really hope they removed everything bad! It really is a rollercoaster of emotions, isn't it!

I had my 1st lletz last August under GA after CIN3 found last summer. Had follow up smear and colposcopy 2 weeks ago and waiting to hear results. The consultant said that she could still see some abnormalities which may require another lletz! 

Really hope everything is ok, crossed fingers and toes!