Scared about lletz tomorrow


So after I had my colposcopy on the 29th May I was scheduled for lletz under GA and its happening tomorrow! Can't believe how quick it's come round but I'm really aprehensive about going under general anaesthetic but I know it's got to be done!!

My smear came back as severe dyskaryosis so I'm so scared that it's already cancer, not looking forward to joining the waiting game for results :(

Hope everyone else on the forum is doing ok!! xxx

Hi there :)

my app is on Tuesday. I'm getting pre cancerous cells removed from the vaginal wall under GA. And I'm bricking it!!! 

Hi there,

I had exactly the same as you, and had my llets under GA in november (2 days before my 25th birthday!).

The doctors and nurses i had were all lovely and reassuring. I'd never been under GA before, but i was out pretty quick, next thing i know im waking up in recovery. They give you strong pain killers etc and i found there wasnt much pain at all after abou 2 days. Nothing to be scared about, dont stress yourself out with what the outcome might be. Just remember, at least now they will keep an eye on you.

I've just been for my 6 month check up and have normal smear but high risk hpv so have another coloposcopy. It happens and ive found reading post on here really helpful, as so many others go through the same thing! 

Hope it all goes well tomorrow! 

Good Luck



Thanks KG89, I feel a bit reassured that they will keep me out of pain and that it won't be as bad as I'm expecting it to be!! These bloody things we have to go through, so glad to hear you had a positive outcome though and are being watched closely too! xxx

Hi Nemo, did they find the ore cancerous cells on your vaginal walk through colposcopy? Hope all goes well for you when you go in, have you got your date yet for surgery? xxx

Hey LadyG how did it all go? Hope you're recovering ok! I have my pre-admission appointment on Wednesday as I'll also be having LLETZ under GA. I haven't been given a date yet though. 

Thinking of you!