LLETZ tomorrow under GA (children mentioned)


im having a LLETZ tomorrow under General anasthetic due to a large area to treat. to say I am petrified is an under statement. I've never had a general before and I'm so scared I won't wake up. I'm dreading tomorrow I really am. I keep thinking of my little boy and bursting into tears. Also dreading as to what they might find. Not really looking for any answers just feel the need to write it down


Thanks Emma x

Hi Emma,

i went through exactly the same thought process before my lletz with GA a few weeks ago but it was honestly very very straightforward and not half as scary as it was built up to be in my head.  

You will be under for a very short time and the risks are incredibly tiny.  The best thing you can do for your little boy is get shot of those nasty cells.  It will be over before you know it. 

Best of luck.  Plenty of rest and relaxation post op! 


Jane x

Thanks Jane. I've never gone through anything like this before and at 25 with it being my first smear all has come as a big shock! I just keep telling myself that this time tomorrow I'll be back home. 

Hope you got the results you need. 

Emma x

i love a good general! Must be a bit weird. Have you had it all explained to you? I can talk you through what happens if you like but won't waste my fingers if you know already. It really is not as bad as you fear. Xx

haha each to their own :) I think I'm aware what will happen. Still a very scary thought though not being in control. Totally goes against my human nature :) ive never had one before so Im hoping I don't react badly to it either. My appointment is at 11:30 so I hope I don't have too much waiting around either. 

Emma x

I wasn't trying to minimise your fear. I was very scared beforehand. I hope it all goes well and the wait isn't too long. X

How did it go? 

Not half as bad as I expected. Lots of waiting around but I feel the day has gone quick. I had loop and the laser. And will just receive a letter with results in due course. not in any pain and no bleeding as of yet so fingers crossed I won't have much. Home now. Just feel a bit woozy and lookin forward ro my bed!

thank you for asking :)

Emama x

Good to hear it wasn't as bad as you thought. Rest up! X

Glad it went well, I had one under GA today too xx

How did you find yours lemonCat? How are you feeling today?

Emma x