Unsuccessful LLETZ

Hi ladies, new here so bare with me. So i had my smear test about 4weeks ago, last Wednesday I received a phone call from the colposcopy clinic asking me to come in the next day for LLETZ. I was a bit shocked as I had had no letter or anything prior to this regarding my results. Anyway off i trot to the colposcopy clinic and the Dr doing the colposcopy said i had a high grade smear result. She did the colposcopy but took one look and said she couldnt do the LLETZ, as the cells were very widespread and it would be too uncomfortable to do whilst awake. So i am scheduled to have it done on Tuesday 29th under GA alongs8de a cone biopsy (I think thats what she said) Now I am ill with worry thays its CC, i cant eat, sleep and Im constabtly researching things. I have no bleeding or pain during sex, however i get a lot of lower back aches and thigh aches and have constant watery brown discharge sorry TMI. Has anyone been through anything smiliar and had good news. Thanks

Hi sorry i can’t help but i have had the same results from my smear & colposcopy and am currently waiting for lletz & biopsy under general anaesthetic. I can sympathise with your worries as i am exactly the same! I have no symptoms (that ive noticed anyway) maybe the odd back pain or twinges in pelvis but nothing i’d think twice about if i hadnt had the abnormal smear. Good luck and hopefully someone can share their experience :slight_smile: x