Lletz result

Hello i had a smear november which came bk hight grade moderate changes,went for coloscopy dec and the consultant said looks low grade moderate ,that maybe come bk in 6 months ir have lletz under ga,that would go to team meeting to decide. Got appoint jan for lletz under ga after 4 weeks got a letter saying its going to team meeting maybe a delay with my results .im feeling do anxious has anybody else recieved this letter


I had positive hpv and high grade severe cell changes back in July. Completely mis read my letter. Though nothing of it.

After 3 cancelled appointments 2 times cause I was on my period and 1 hospital cancellation was seen on 11 of Jan. Been told that I have a large lesion and biopsy was taken. Absolutely terrified. Since then I am not recognising myself. Have been so worried and was thinking the worse.

Got my biopsy results on 1st of Feb. Hpv possitive and cervisitis. Due to the previous results. Colposcopy results and biopsy there was a mixed meeting on 10th of February. They decided they will do LLETZ tomorrow Friday 17th. Don’t know if it actually happen as got a message from the the consultant that due to the size of the lesion I might need to go to theatre under GA.

Roll on tomorrow.

It’s been the longest month and 7 days in my life. I am so worried and scared cause don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

Hi sorry for the delay in replying i hope everything went well for you and your mind is more at rest