Colposcopy biopsy results unclear

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone had received any news similar to mine so I thought I’d put out a post. I’m 27, and have had smear tests done for the last 3 years as a result of my first smear saying i was HPV positive. My results have always came back HPV positive but with no abnormal cell changes. Due to still having HPV 3 years on the trot I was referred for a colposcopy - a biopsy was taken and after 7 weeks I have received the results.

All the letter says is “your biopsy shows an abnormality and you need treatment called a LLETZ”. When I had the biopsy taken my colposcopy specialist didn’t think there was anything to worry about but took a biopsy to be extra sure. Being under 30 she said treatment was unlikely as some abnormal cells regress on their own.

Now receiving this letter has been a real shock. Why have they not told me what actual abnormal cell changes they have found? It’s so fague? I’ve been left really not knowing if I have high risk or low risk or what type of cell changes they have found, and my mind can only assume as the LLETZ has been booked in for 3 weeks time it is high risk changes which is scary, I just wondered if anyone else had their results back without actually being told what they have found?

I now feel super worried and scared as I’ve gone from having no abnormal cells just 4 months ago to suddenly needing a LLETZ. Anyone’s thoughts would be really appreciated and hope your all doing okay xx

You need to get the actual biopsy results. If you have CIN2, CIN3, AIS, etc they’ll do a LLETZ. But personally I wouldn’t proceed with the LLETZ without seeing the results myself… I’m sorry you’re in this situation.

Not sure it’s the same everywhere but where I am there’s a sister attached to the colposcopy unit & I could ring her with any questions, is there anyone like that or any contact information on your letter?

I had a similar but different experience.

I tested positive for hpv with no cell changes (2021)

Then a year later i tested positive with abnormal cell changes and had a colposcopy and biopsy. (2022)

The biopsy was inadequate so the result was inconclusive (2022)

Had a colposcopy and had the smear on the same day in colposcopy clinic. No biopsy needed, nothing to see. Then had a call to say i needed lletz due to high grade severe cell changes in the smear. Just had the treatment 2 days ago (2023)

I hope this is somehow helpful. I dont think its always as straight forward as it says on websites and leaflets. And sometimes colposcopy and biopsys and smears show different results. Id say try and have a talk with the clinic to try to better understand if you can



Sorry to jump on here i know this thread was nearly a year ago now. Just wanted to see how you got on?

i’m in a fairly similar situation, my smear last august HPV+ low grade changes, had colposcopy during which she couldn’t see anything abnormal was told to return in 6months for follow up smear and colposcopy.

Returned in Feb for the follow up and like you had both smear and colposcopy together. Smear done and during the colposcopy again couldn’t see anything abnormal so no need for any biopsy’s or anything however just revived smear results which are again HPV+ and low grade changes.

So confused and conflicted with how the results can differ even though they were done at the same time. Panicking that something has been missed in the colposcopy or things are worse than what i thought.

Have gone from feeling really positive after the follow up as she didn’t see anything to now panicking and worrying all over again. Would love to hear how you got on?