The wait for biopsy results is driving me mad!

Hi everyone. I started the new year with my due smear … got covid and during that week got the results from my smear and it showed severe dyskaryosis and HPV positive. Was booked for a Colyposcopy. Went along for my appointment and she said it showed a possibility of early cancer cells however she was unable to start the lletz as I started to bleed the moment she touched my cervix so she would make an urgent referral to have it done under a GA which took place within the week. This was 2 weeks ago and the wait for results is driving me mad!!! Am hoping for the best but just want to know for sure!!! Thanks for letting me vent.

Hi im in the same boat and waiting on my results from my 2nd Lletz treatment and biopsy. Im in Scotland and had my first treatment in November and didnt get my results back for almost 8 weeks. They told me the results were taking a bit longer due to covid. Im really hoping i get these results through a lot sooner. Its such a worry waiting. I hope ur ok. Try not to think about it too much x

Thanks! Am going on the premise no news is good news! I am 2 weeks in so hopefully not too much longer to wait.

I am waiting also- had a colposcopy and biopsy after smear showed high grade changes and HPV. Only 12 months since my last test which showed HPV but no cell changes which is scaring me.
I was told I would have LLETZ under GA within 3-4 weeks and they would mark my biopsy as urgent, but it’s now been 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything or had my results back. Waiting is driving me mad too and it’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions and worry. I hope you hear something back soon.

I know …. I work in a school so am off this week so it’s very easy for my mind to wander and all of the what ifs! Hopefully you won’t be waiting too much longer! Xx

Yes I’ve definitely found it easier when I’ve been busy, but then I made myself so busy that this week I’m exhausted and am finding plenty of time to worry!
Hard to get the balance right isn’t it.

Have you had your LLETZ under GA already, then? And you are waiting for the results from that?

Yes. I had an appointment for a colposcopy on 2nd feb and it was going to be done there and then. However I bled the second she touched my cervix so she said she would rather do it under sedation to make sure She could take what was needed. Because there was a query regarding cancer cells she said it would be an urgent appointment. I got a call a couple of days later to book me in for Colposcopy & Lletz on 8th Feb. It was going to be under sedation because I have only just had COVID however they did have to give me a general as my breathing went funny (but anethenatist thinks that’s a result of COVID!) so now I am just waiting for the results!

Ok thanks for explaining! You are a bit further ahead than me then. It’s good you have been seen so quickly. I was told my biopsy would be marked as urgent and LLETZ would be scheduled too but I haven’t heard anything yet and it’s been 3 weeks. How has your recovery been after the Lletz and GA? Just having had covid can’t have helped- I hope you are feeling better. xx

Is it worth giving them a call to chase - even just to ask if a date has been set for the Lletz? My recovery hasn’t been too bad … a little bit of bleeding (every time I think it’s stop I bleed a little) and a bit of cramping but I am also due my period at anytime so everything is a bit messed up I think! But overall not too bad and thankfully recovered from COVID! Thank goodness for the vaccines.

Yeah I have called up a few times and they just give generic responses/say they will call me back but nothing yet. I was under the impression they were going to book a date for the lletz whilst waiting for the biopsy results, not wait for the biopsy results to come back first before scheduling it, but maybe I was wrong.

I’m very glad to hear your recovery has been ok and you have recovered from covid! Yes we are so lucky to have had the vaccines. Just hope you don’t have much longer to wait for results- the not knowing is the worst part. x

Yes definitely … at least while waiting for appointments to come round etc something is happening if that makes sense. I am normally pretty chilled but this is definitely giving me anxiety especially as all I can do is wait ……you could give them a ring and ask if they are waiting for the biopsy or has it been booked. (But I guess you will be like me not wanting to bother them as you know they are busy). Hopefully you will find out soon.

I feel your pain! I had my colposcopy 4th Jan after abnormal cell changes, and had two biopsies taken. I called up at 5 weeks, then again at 7 weeks and got my letter 8 weeks to the day of my colposcopy. The receptionist told me I had been discharged back to my GP after the first call, and read the letter to me the second time.

Did they give you an ETA of when the results would be back? If not, please call up and ask, then follow up if you still don’t hear. It could be any number of reasons why they’re taking a bit longer. Fingers crossed x

@WorriedWorm have you heard anything yet?

I am still waiting for my results and I had my Lletz 3 and a half weeks ago and was told results would be 2 - 4 weeks so hopefully soon. People keep saying no news is good news but I keep thinking are they looking more deeply.

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Have you had any luck with your results yet. Xx

My biopsy results came back just over 3 weeks after my colposcopy. they confirmed CIN3 and now they’ve scheduled my LLETZ. Confused tbh as my smear and colposcopy suggested CIN3 so I thought they would just go ahead with the LLETZ anyway, and not wait for the biopsy but who knows what’s gone one!

So now my lletz treatment is scheduled for 22nd March. Really not looking forward to it but just want the horrible cells gone.

Originally I was given an appointment at the end of April which surprised me, but I’m getting married abroad 3 weeks later and really don’t want to still be bleeding or waiting for yet another set of results, so thankfully the clinic were able to fit me in earlier which is great.

@Kcrane have you had any luck with getting your results back?

@Clairektng Hopefully you will get yours soon. Try not to worry if they are taking a bit longer, Youre right no news is usually good news and it could depend on so many factors that are out of our control like peope being off sick in the pathology labs or them needing to prioritise other samples . One thing I found helpful was speaking to my GP- she could actually see my results on my health record before the clinic officially had them.

I am sure you are right! Wish it would hurry up though I had a dream last night that the letter said they found warts and worms! Glad they have managed to squeeze you in earlier. Are you having it under anasethic? Wishing you all the best with the wedding! Xx

Yes waiting is the worst. I keep having odd dreams too- last night I dreamed that my lletz was going to be performed in the local library! I was initially told I could have it under anaesthetic as I have a neurological condition that is aggravated by stress but now the clinic are saying it’s difficult for them to arrange a general because of covid, so I’m going to have to go with local. I’m getting diazepam from my GP to help. Dreading it :frowning:

Hi All,

I too hate the waiting time, it’ll be 3 weeks tomorrow since I had a biopsy taken at my colposcopy and I hardly received any information at my colposcopy.

They said it can take up to 4 weeks but was hoping it would be earlier, I had so many questions to ask when I was there and they all went out the window.

So now I’m left not knowing anything how my cervix looked etc as he was talking to the student in the room more.

*update. Finally got my results yesterday. No cancerous changes but precancerous CIN3 and a lot of it! They are going to discuss further treatment at their meeting that they hold once a month (no idea when that is but knowing my luck it has probably just happened!). I am assuming that it’s because there is a lot of CIN3 that they haven’t just said a repeat smear in 6 months. It didn’t mention HPV although my smear did say I was hpv positive. So still a bit of waiting to go but the knot in my stomach has loosed slightly!