Call back after LLETZ

I am going out of my mind. Can anyone help?

My smear came back positive for HPV and abnormal cells. I was sent a colposcopy appointment where they took a punch biopsy. My result came back as low grade CIN. I then had a LLETZ procedure in December 2022. I was told by the consultant at the time that if all was well I wouldn’t hear from them and would be sent an appointment for a follow up smear at my GP surgery in 6 months time which would be around June 2023.

Today (17/03/23) I received a call (3 months since LLETZ) to say that the consultant needed to speak with me and an appointment has been made for Wednesday (22/03/23). I did ask if it was bad news but the secretary could not say.

I am so worried. This feels like the next 5days will be torture.

Does anyone know why I have been called back early or has anyone had a similar experience?

Thank you

It could be that they did not get clear margins and you may need to repeat the procedure.

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Hi @Nicky87 how are you doing now? What was the outcome of your appt? Hope youre ok Xx

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It turned out there was a problem at the lab so they aren’t 100% sure what is what. I am waiting on another appointment for the clinic where they will just do a smear and see what the result of that is before repeating the procedure.

Thank you for asking.

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So sorry that you need to go through more waiting! But also great news that the appointment want to discuss negatuve results. Reading so many posts on here it seems something could definitely be done to improve the messages given to us all over the phone- can only imagine how your mind was reeling waiting for that follow up appt x fingers crossed for you at next smear, let us know how you get on xx