Type of hpv

Hi everyone, just joined. Had a smear few months back and results came back hpv positive and abnormal cells. Received an appointment for colposcopy (tomorrow). I hate waiting for appointments so glad its finally here. Wasnt given a choice whether i wanted a colposcopy and what ive read hints at it being a certain level. I called gp who told me its borderline so am now confused. Anyone have a similar experience?? Also how do i know what type of hpv it is? Thanks for any advice and love to everyone

Hi @Bon

My first colposcopy was due to a HR HPV+ with a borderline change, all smears nomatter the grade of change are refered too colposcopy, with such low grade changes the colposcopy is more to confirm or deny if what was picked up by the smear was something that needs monitoring/intervening with or if its something unconcerning like inflammation, as smears arnt a diagnostic the colposcopy diagnoses them for what they are

Particular strains are found out through testing, the NHS doesnt test for specific types as all that matters is if we have one thats high risk, those who do know their strains either their country uses the strain specific testing in their screening programme or they have payed privately for a HPV test/smear and found out that way xx

Thank you for your reply. Its all quite confusing but what you have said has put my mind at ease a little. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes ok tomorrow