Letter from doctor

On the letter from GP, it did not mention anything apart from saying my cells were ‘borderline’ with HPV.

Then it said they’d be sending me for a colposcopy.

Hi @yvonne59

My first colposcopy was due to a HPV+ with a borderline change, its a scary moment when you get an abnormal smear result… borderline changes are the lowest changes you can have, it just means that they dont look quite normal but they arnt abnormal enough to class them as low grade… smears can come in 4-5 ways… borderline, low grade, moderate, severe or sometimes severe(?invasion) it would be extremely unlikely for them to find more than CIN at your appointment

You are only being sent for a colposcopy as a precautionary measure, all HPV+ smears that have abnormalities present nomatter the grade are sent for a closer look… i received my appointment within 2 weeks of getting my results letter with a further 4 weeks untill the actual colposcopy xx

Some ladies knew that their level of HPV was high before going for the colposcopy…does it depend on the individual GP to inform patients which level?

We all know we have a high risk type when it comes back positive as thats what the smears test for, they dont normally test for the low risk types the smear would be negative if it wast accompaniedby a high risk… but when it comes to individual strains the NHS dont test for them, you are either HR HPV+ or HR HPV- most have either gone down the private route to find out their type, done a home HPV test that reports which strains your positive for or they arnt in the UK so their test/procedure is different so it gets reported as part of their protocol xx

Thank you, Tinkerbelle 29

It’s just all very new to me and more than a tad bewildering and scary.

Hopefully I’ll know more when i go for the colposcopy…thank you so much for your support. Means a lot.

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