I am ashamed to say but I didn't have a smear test for ten years. 

Ridiculous and I'm very silly. 

I went for a smear 2 weeks ago and the result say

"Borderline changes" and positive for hpv. 

I've been referred for an immediate colposcopy. Does this mean that they ALREADY KNOW what type of HPV strain I have or are they unaware at this stage. 

I am very healthy. No irregular bleeding or pain or any of the associated symptoms. I've been with my husband and for 16 years so I must have picked this up before we got together and it's lingered. It may have shown up if I had of done earlier smears. 


I remember having genitsl warts the year before I met my husband so that makes me think it could be a low risk strain of HPV. Please can someone help me. 


When will I find out the strain and severity of my situation. 


Thanks xxx

If you are having a colposcopy for borderline changes then you likely have the high-risk strain of HPV. Borderline changes are barely anything, so please try not to worry. They can reverse themselves and will require no treatment. Xxx



what was your outcome? I in the exact same position .