Borderline Changes & HPV positive

My second (ever) Smear Test was due in January but I was pregnant at the time, so I had it last week (my baby is 4 months old now). 

I received a letter yesterday stating that my result has shown 'borderline changes' and then further tested positive for HPV. I have a Colposcopy appointment next week. 

Of course, I am worrying..! I know 'borderline changes' are the very earliest/mildest changes, usuallu got back to normal on their own etc..; and that the Colposcopy referral is because of the positive HPV test... but I'm thinking way too much into everything... like how quickly they have got me into Colposcopy and also other symptoms I've been having such as spotting between periods and pain during intercourse. 

My rational head head is telling me that everything will probably be fine, but I'm also finding it hard to be rational....!

Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated, and also any insight into what will happen at the Colposcopy appointment (will there be any discussion about my Smear result/other symptoms, or just straight in for the examination? Will I be able to see the screen? Will they tell me what they can see/what they think..?)

Thank you very much :-)

Anyone..? My Colposcopy appointment is tomorrow and I'm very nervous :-(

Hiya, a colposcopy is similar to a smear test, they want to take a closer look at your cervix. They may use a dye to try and see if there are any cells that are appearing differently to the others and they may take a small section of your cervix away. There is always time for questions about your symptoms etc. If you are feeling nervous take a female family member of a close friend with you when you go. Good luck!

Try not to worry too much. I'm in the same boat as you.

I had bleeding/spotting for about 5 weeks so I went to see my doctor (my smear was before that). She had a look at my cervix and didn't see anything abnormal. I have a coil fitted and the bleeding was most likely because of that. But, just to be safe, she has fast-tracked me for a colposcopy. I'm actually more relieved that I'm getting seen sooner. The sooner I'm seen, the sooner it's dealt with!

Perhaps the spotting is your cycle getting back to normal after having a baby? I don't know too much about it, but it's important to consider all factors that might be causing it.

Hope the colposcopy went ok.

Thanks for the replies - I had my Colposcopy result this morning, biopsies show CIN 3 :-(

Have to go back next week for LLETZ treatment.