Borderline Changes and HPV Positive

I suffer really badly from Anxiety and was fearing my first smear test.

The result came back showing "slightly" borderline changes and a HPV infection, so I've been referred for a colposcopy. I'm aware that if I didn't have the infection a coloscopy wouldn't be required.

Ive read a lot of posts that they go for the colposcopy and they find it's more severe then at the smear. The treatment and LLEZ is performed I understand that but what's scaring me is the HPV infection.

Has anyone had this with the borderline changes? I cant help but worry..


i had the same as you last year, it's the not knowing which is the worst part. But stay away from google! This is the best site for advice and information.

Basically the colposcopy will be to find out if you're HPV positive, the nurses are so lovely and compassionate. They'll put dye on your cervix to see if there is abnormalities and may take a biopsy, which feels like a tiny pinch. I had the results back a week on stating there was minor abnormalities and that treatment wasn't needed and to go for a smear a year later.

With borderline treatment isn't needed as usually the abnormalities clear up on their own. 

Try not to worry.

Let me know how you get on. Xx