Cell changes and hpv positive

Hi looking for some advice, I had a smear test about 4 weeks ago my first in about ten years! I had put it off for so long I had smears before and they were all normal. This one has come back hpv positive and says they have seen cell changes but it doesn't state what the changes are which is really worrying me. Everything I've found online says people usually get a letter saying borderline, high or low grade changes when my letter only says changes!? Does this mean anything or has anyone had anything similar? I've to go for a colposcopy within 8 weeks. Also I do have herpes 2 could this maybe be the changes? Or is that unlikely? 

Hi Nicola, 

I had my smear on the 7th Jan and same as you received the letter stating 'HPV high risk detected' and 'we have seen changes to your cervical cells' they did not say which degree. Are you in Scotland by any chance as this seems to be the way they format the smear results now without giving more detail.

I called my GP and they were able to provide me with a copy of the full cytology report and it then listed my cell changes as borderline. On my letter it also said a colposcopy in 8 weeks but I received a letter from the hospital saying due to covid backlog i would more than likely be waiting 4 months + therefore I have booked a colposcopy privately for peace of mind.

I would get in touch with your GP to discuss your results in more detail! Not sure about herpes I'm sure they would be able to tell you that also

Holly x


Hey! I'm in Scotland and also received the same letter. I rang the doctors to speak to the nurse who explained the results in more detail. I'm attending my colposcopy on Tue, naturally fearing the worst news ?

Hey thanks for replying so you get regular smears? What was your results from cell changes I'm beyond worried as I've not had a smear for a very long time and think how long has this been brewing inside me. 

I've had 2 smears prior to this result, both came back fine. My result turned out to be moderate changes - only know that because I rang the doctors and asked them specifically what my results mean. You should give them a call and see what they say. They didn't tell me much more tbh other than the usual, don't worry - it's preventative. When is your colposcopy? X

It said on the letter I would get an appointment within the next 8 weeks, I can't imagine going through this worry for 8 weeks. I'll give docs a ring tomorrow when they are open again and ask about my results thanks 

Everyone who has an abnormal smear has to be seen within 8 weeks. If it's 'moderate-severe' they have to see you within 2 weeks so try not to worry x

Oh I didn't know that so if mines was moderate to severe would the letter have said two weeks or would that come in the next letter? Sorry for so much questions my doctors have been closed since Friday so I've been going out of my mind 

I got my smear letter and hospital letter on the same day so you'd know by now I think if it was a quicker appointment