"High risk HPV and cell changes"

Hi, this is my first post.

Never had an irregular smear. Last one was 2017. Service suspended in 2020 due to Covid (I'm in Scotland) so was a little under a year late for this recent smear in Feb.

I recieved a letter advising me that I had 'high risk HPV' and "we also checked for changes to your cervix and we have seen changes".

I have a coloscopy on April 9th.

Ive noticed reading here that people tend to have recieved numbers or grades of cell changes in these smear result letters? Can anyone shed any light on that for me?

I'm incredibly nervous because I have terrible anxiety and I've suffered all sorts of symptoms this last year that have been put down to dairy intolerance and IBS (and significant back pain I had has subsided with change in diet, so that's something I suppose?) This has completely thrown me for a loop ? xx


I had my colposcopy on Wednesday following a body similar letter to you. HPV and high grade dyskaryosis. I didnt get a grading, as far as I am aware they give you the grading after a biopsy is taken for further examination

Wishing you well, its such a nerve wracking and anxiety ridden time 

Hi I received the same letter as lady above, i agree i think you receive a grading after the colopscopy, the dr i seen predicted mine will come back cin2/3 but i had lletz procedure done during colopscopy so have already had the cells removed xx

Hi Lilleye,

Yes, that's the standard letter in Scotland I think and I also received that line about cell changes. I've been for my visit to colposcopy where my consultant said my actual smear test result was borderline changes, so that line in the letter is kept deliberately vague, I think as they'll want to also have a look and maybe take some biopsies to check further. 

Main thing is you're going to your appointments.

I have also been very anxious, can hardly open results letters for shaking, and think this upsets everyone on here, so you're not alone and all here for you. There are some really good threads on here from fab folk taking time to share their experiences (thank you all?) and info provided by Jo's on what to expect at your appt if that also helps. 

Best wishes and hugs xxx






Hi lil,


Such a difficult time when everything is so vague and unknown. I can definitely recommend doing things to take your mind off it as much as possible.


If your concerned at all about what to expect, I wrote my own experience down in detail for people who are looking for that kind of information. Although, not everyone's experience will be the same.


You can find my link and subsequent diary of events in my back story. I hope it's helpful and let's you know, you're not alone x

Hello, I'm also from Scotland and received the same letter. I called the nurse who told me more information. She said o had moderate cell changes which are likely to mean pre cancerous cells. She said this does not mean cancer. It's more than likely treatment will be needed but I'm fearing the worst. I have my colposcopy on Tue x