Help please boarderline changes and positive hpv


im new on here. I went for my smear test on the 10th June and got a letter on wednesday saying boarderline changes we're detected as was high risk hpv. I'm 28 and my last smear three years ago was normal. Was does this mean?

i got another letter yesterday from the hospital with an appointment for a colposcopy on the 22nd July. I'm just worried about what it all means. I also have a tilted cervix/womb and everything im reading says if you need treatment and have a tilted cervix/womb that to have to have procedures done under genral anesthetic which I'm terrified about. Haa anyone else been through this?

Thank you in advance 


Hello I know it's easier said than done but please try not to worry :-) I can't help with regards to the tilted cervix part but I can help with regards to the borderline changes. I had my first smear last year and it came back as borderline with HPV. I went for my colposcopy and I didn't need any treatment as the cells were almost normal but they did a biopsy anyway which came back with no abnormalities. 

i hope your colposcopy goes ok and that this helps a bit - hopefully it will just be a biopsy you need at the worst x

I am currently in the same position. 

I had my first smear test earlier this month and the results have come back as 'borderline changes and HPV positive'.

I have a colposcopy on 1st July but currently alternating between thinking it's nothing to worry about to sheer panic.

Family are not helping by also worrying as they haven't experienced this before. Does this mean I'm at a high risk of developing cancer when I'm older even if cells are only borderline now?

Hi, try not to worry though I've been going mad with worry about mine. my smear was in feb and was abnormal plus high risk hpv like yours. I was seen at colposcopy clinic in march. He just had a good look and didn't take any biopsies. I also have a tilted womb. The whole thing was over in 10 mins. Yes it was uncomfortable but no worse than a smear. I wasn't sore after either. 


The consultant said I don't need treatment yet but I am due to be seen again at a nurse led smear clinic in August. I'm very scared and just want to hurry up and have it done! 

Still suffering with cervix pain and the odd bit of pink discharge. 

Best of luck and remember if whatever it is is found early it's easily sorted :)


Hi I'm the same my first two smears showed up slightly abnormal and I was sent for the colposcopy, I was told it only looked like mild changes but they did a biopsy anyway. I got my results less than two weeks later than I had cin 3 and hpv positive and high risk strains. I got them removed yesterday but when they were doin it they found two more patches have come up in the month but they removed what they could. I won't be seen for another 6 months and I'm nervous as well. But thinkin on the positive side that at least there now gone. I have a tilted and hidden cervix and got through it with only a little soreness.


I've just recieved a letter telling me that they have dectected Low Grade Dyskariosis  and High Risk HPV from my last smear test.  

Am now waiting for an appointment for a Colposcopy.  I also have the bleeding after sex and sometimes pain.  Can't stop worrying about it.