HPV +ve, abnormal cell changes & coloscopy

Hi guys,
Just thought id share some positive news for anyone who is in the same situation as me. On 16th january 2023 i had my first smear, thinking nothing of it and presuming things would be fine i got my result and was shocked to see HPv+ve and abnormal cell changes. I cried for days and thought the absolute worst! Considering the letter we get in scotland is so bleak and gives no identifation of your own personal results. Forward on 3 weeks after i got a letter to say i was invited for a coloscopy.
Today i had my coloscopy, and was told that i had mild cell changes which look like they are in regress and are viral changes :smiling_face: nor did i need a biopsy. I have been told to come back in 1 yr time for check up smear.

Thought i would share this as i know how it feels to worry and how easy it is to fall in to that castostropic thinking , but even with High grade HPV and mild cell changes - it can turn out not so bad after all!

Stay positive x



Thank you so much for sharing this post! My first screening at the age of 25 came back clear, then when I went last year aged 28 my sample showed that I was HPV positive but with normal cells. I’ve had a year to prepare myself and tried to stay as calm as possible, I went for my yearly screening 7 weeks ago and I received the results the day before yesterday to say that I still have HPV and now have low grade cell changes. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to go for a colposcopy and was hoping that my immune system would have naturally got rid of the HPV by now which I’ve read that it often does, so I was a bit emotional at first to learn that I need a colposcopy.

The main thing on my mind at the moment is having to wait for the appointment letter; I was worried that I might have to wait another 7 weeks considering it took 7 weeks for my screening results to come through. I rang my GP surgery and they said that the appointment letter comes from the hospital but recently they’ve been taking 3 weeks, and the fact that yours came in 3 weeks has made me feel better. I love the fact that they told you about your cell changes then and there so hopefully my appointment will come around quickly and I’ll find out exactly what’s going on.

Your post has reassured me that getting the HPV positive result with abnormal cell changes doesn’t have to be scary! Getting these results and going for the further examination just proves why its so important to have these screenings in the first place.

Thanks again x

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Hello Emily,
Sorry to hear you are going through this to.

The letter we receive in scotland is so bleak, and it doesnt help receiving cervical cancer leaflets amongst it!!! When i went to my coloscopy i was so nervous, the consultant was lovely she sat me down and said you do not have cancer you have low grade cell changes and we just want to check to be sure theres nothing else there, the whole experience lasted about 15 minutes, it was a bit uncomftorble at the start but no worse then getting the speculum in for a smear. ( i can go in to greater detail if you like just message me)

Try not to worry, even with us having low grade cell changes the likely is that it is just viral hpv changes, they may want to burn some cells off at some point if theres not much change.

I have started taking ahcc extra strength mushroom extract tablets. They are quiet pricey but have been known to cure HPV

I can try link you them

Please try not to worry. I know its difficult but the chances are everything will be fine :two_hearts:

How have the mushrooms been? Any side effects?? I am ready to try them.