Colposcopy - please help

Hi. New here, so not really sure what to say… I had my first ever smear done on 6th December 2021… I’m 29. I was so nervous about getting it done, but anyways, got my results back after around 7 weeks and it says HPV Positive and they’ve found abnormal cells… now I’m due to have a colposcopy tomorrow and I am absolutely terrified of what’s going to happen! I suffer with anxiety & this is making me feel even worse. Can anyone just please put my mind at ease or even just tell me the plain truth of what to expect… thanks in advance. X


I had my first colposcopy 2 weeks ago due to smear being HPV positive and abnormal cells, like you I was very anxious about it, however after having it my advice to you would be is try to relax, it’s very like a smear test, a wee bit uncomfortable but not painful. They also took biopsies from me which again a bit uncomfortable but manageable. They will talk you through what they are doing, just try and stay calm. I went back Friday there for results and treatment and got the LLETZ procedure and that was all ok too, a wee nip when giving the local but other than that I was much more relaxed this time as I knew what to expect. I hope this helps you and good luck x

Ah, that’s what I’m scared of after reading about it, the biopsy! It’s all very frightening isn’t it? I’ve been driving myself mad for weeks now, but don’t really have any support around me so that’s why I’ve posted! Thanks so so much for replying to me, I hope you’re feeling okay now too x

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Yes that was me too, was reading things and panicking myself, but it’s very quick so just try and relax, the nurse let me squeeze her hand haha which was a comfort. I’ve actually been feeling ok, not had any of the real side effects that they said could happen. So hopefully remains that way. Just now need to wait 6 months for a repeat smear to make sure everything remains clear :slightly_smiling_face: x

Hi Faye. I’ve had a few colposcopies over the years and I know it can be a nervous time so I’m sure everyone here understands and can relate to how you’re feeling having your first one. My main advice would be to try not to worry yourself about it. A colposcopy is a fairly quick examination, like a smear but basically it just gives them a much better look at your cervix. In all my experiences they are very good at explaining everything they are doing at all times. and I have always had friendly nurses standing by my side offering to hold my hand if I became nervous or uncomfortable. They really are over in a matter of minutes and if you need a biopsy they will explain it all thoroughly before doing it. They can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but not painful. Good luck with yours tomorrow, I’m sure it will go fine xx


Aww I hope I get a nice nurse like that! I’m glad you’ve been ok and I hope all goes well on your next smear too. It’s funny isn’t it, because no matter how much people tell you not to worry, you just worry in anyway ha! The fear of the unknown :grimacing: x


Hi. Thanks for your message! Im gonna just have to be brave, there are people going through a lot worse and I know that. I think part of my worry is the embarrassment as well, like I’ve had a baby, by C-section so I kinda cheated haha i understand it’s important but I think it’s the thought of it being so private… omg I must sound like such a drama queen, I don’t mean to, I think it’s just panic and I can feel myself crossing my legs already :roll_eyes: x


How did you get on? Im due mine on monday and im petrified!xx

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Hi Tee1… oh my god, please don’t be scared, I made myself so poorly just from being scared of the unknown… so here’s my experience, I walked into the hospital and instantly broke down, the receptionist on the colposcopy bit comforted me immediately, she could clearly tell I was upset and anxious… she said to me she would tell the doctor and she did… the wait in the waiting room was awful, I was crying, saying to my partner I’m going home and then as soon as I went to stand up the nurse came out haha just my luck… anyways off into the room I went, left my other half waiting… 2 women in the room… asked me some questions and knew I was suffering with anxiety over this appointment, so after some basic questions she said to me that she’s gonna get on with the examination now, went into a different room, got changed into a gown, this makes so much more difference for covering up rather than a paper towel in your doctors!!.. tmi coming up lol I asked the doctor if she could use a small speculum as I find the normal ones too big for me… so she said yes of course, at this point im still very nervous… sat on that awful chair, and she done it… so I wouldn’t say it hurt, I would just say it’s a weird feeling deep inside of you… that lasted about 4/5mins… then she said she was gonna take a biopsy and I just immediately felt dizzy and sick thinking the worst that it’s gonna hurt… but then she said on the count of 3 do a big cough… so I did … and never felt a thing!!! I’m a massive baby when it comes to pain and I believe in telling people how it is and what it really feels like, it actually was a good experience in all, the women made me feel so comfortable and it is over and done with so quick. Only advice I can give you is just relax your legs because it gets done so much quicker when you do!.. please don’t be scared, like I said before I made myself so poorly because of it and its really not bad, they aren’t there to hurt you, just to help you. Let me know how you get on and feel free to private message me at anytime. I hope all goes okay for you. Sorry it’s a big essay I just wanted to try n give you as much of my experience from yesterday. By the way, had minor cramping and hardly no bleeding. Feeling great today. Xxx


Thank you so much for replying to me! And im so pleased it wasnt as bad as you thought it’d be. Im just scared of absolutely everything haha. I have health anxiety and im such a wussy! I have to lay down for blood tests incase i faint haha. This week seems to be going so slow and im hardly sleeping with anxiety. Im praying i have the same experience as you. Will let you no how i get on monday. Thanks so much again for the reassurance xxx

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Aww I’m the same with needles haha honestly this isn’t as bad as getting your blood took! Try to relax and get through the weekend, don’t think about your appointment until you get there! It’ll be over with before you know it. I really feel for you because I know how daunting it is! Be brave like I was. You can do this :blush: lots of love xxx

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Hope all goes ok today, try not to worry. Let me know how you get on. Xxx

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@FayeT thank you hun. My appointment is at