Scared of first colposcopy

Hi all,
First time here, and just looking for some reassurance really! I’m 35 and based in Edinburgh, and am currently awaiting a date for a colposcopy following smear test results of HPV with cell changes. My last smear a year ago was HPV positive too.
This is my first ever colposcopy and I’m so anxious about the procedure, and possible biopsy or treatment that they could potentially do at the same time. I always find smear tests really uncomfortable, and had a very bad experience with a failed IUD insertion attempt which was incredibly painful and distressing.
I have anxiety, and of course that’s just not helping as I’m just worrying about the whole thing :frowning:

I can totally understand your anxiety, and of course, everyone’s experiences are different. But I felt the same as you, worried, couldn’t sleep the night before etc. And after the appointment I was like ‘oh, that was totally fine!’

I didn’t feel the biopsies at all apart from a tiny period-like cramp afterwards and it felt funny to sit up straight for a day or so. I think you’ll find colposcopy better than smear, as they’re specialised and use the right sized speculum for you so there is minimal discomfort.

You’re also sat on a chair with stirrups rather than lying on a bed in the GP surgery, and the gown they give you covers the front of you so it feels a bit more dignified than smears.

Good luck x

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Thank you so much for the reassuring response! I’m not sure how long I’ll wait for my appointment, but they said if I haven’t heard by the end of June, to call my doctors. I’d just like it to be over with already!