HPV positive, abnormal results, cell changes

Hi. I’m just looking for some support from any one in a similar position. I have had HPV results & abnormal cells for the last 6 years this will be the 3rd time I’m seeing colposcopy and I’m awaiting an appointment for a possible come biopsy (they need to look into me being put to sleep due to my heart condition) but this years smear has showed a significant change in cells, I’m just so upset tbh!
Im on holiday when my original colposcopy app was meant to and now they are expecting me to wait till the end of June for a different app and then a possible further 4-8 weeks for biopsy results

Honestly I’m a bit beside myself! I have a lot of health conditions as I keep getting diagnosed with new things and honestly I feel like everyone is fobbing me off

I have recently (last 3 months) been bleeding in between my periods not having another period as I had to explain a million times to a GP it’s about 7-10days after my period and then for around 3 days I have one single bleed that day which causes really bad cramps/pain in my lower back & lower tummy

Has anyone been in the same position and then everything at the cone biopsy was okay? I’m trying to be positive and I’m fairly sure with how chill they seem to be that I won’t have cervical cancer (however it still doesn’t help me feel better) but there’s clearly something that’s going on and isn’t right with me because I have felt so unwell for such a long time now

Sorry for the really long post & to anyone who reaches the end and can offer any advice I appreciate it more than anything 🫶🏼