Abnormal smear, minor changes to cells

Hi everyone,

Last year I received my smear results which showed I was positive for HPV for the first time. I wasn’t invited to a coloscopy at the time but told I would be invited for another smear in a year. I recently had my smear and i’m still waiting to receive my results (It’s been a month) however, today I visited my Dr for a different reason so took the opportunity to ask if my file had been updated and she shared that my smear had come back with HPV again but this time was showing minor changes to my cells and that I was to be invited back for a coloscopy.

I’m just wondering what this all means - what is involved with a coloscopy/should i be worried?


Hi , I don’t have any advice I’m sorry but I’m in the same situation as you - it’s stressful isn’t it .
Last year showed I HPV positive - no changes . This August I’m still HPV positive with minor changes . Went for the colposcopy and they took a biopsy .
They have sent me a letter yesterday saying review at GP in a years time with another smear !.
So basically they are seeing if it reverses itself … feels like a ticking time bomb to me and everywhere I’ve read up says this can happen if your younger … I am not! I am 40 years old .

Following your post - wishing you the best vibes - hoping to get to read some positive responses xx

Hi Tinkerbell81! I totally agree, it does feel like a ticking time bomb! Everything i’m seeing says that your body can clear up the infection itself, but as mine hasn’t this year i’m wondering if there is anything i can do to - you know - give it an extra push to help it along :slight_smile: I’m 38, so hoping it will all sort itself out, and i’m sending you some positive vibes as well. <3 x

Yes I’ve tried for the last 12 months to live better to just clear the HPV but obviously it’s not worked and I’ve got slightly worse . The docs said that probably constantly run down with having two small children so I can’t recover from that ! It is what it is .
someone else will have some similar good outcome stories for us im sure :slight_smile: .
I dont want to leave the smear for a year though ( anxious about it ) … are we not allowed to do 6 months and see what the outcome is then ?? , just feels like a long time doesn’t it . X

Hi ladies, I was in the same boat as you and unfortunately I am now further along (for many years I had borderline or mild changes and in February it had progressed to CIN 2 moderate changes). I think I’m going to struggle to clear HPV as I’m immunocompromised with Crohn’s disease. I’m waiting on my smear test to see after receiving treatment 6 months ago. I have read some research as I work in the medical field and there is a vaginal gel in phase 3 trials currently and this can be purchased online called Papilocare. It seems to do well with mild changes and helps to clear HPV. I will be buying this if my smear comes back as mild changes. The trial has patients using the gel for 21 days with a week break during your period for 6 months. I have also read good things about various vitamins including vitamin C, B12, D and folate and lastly there is another phase 3 trial of a mushroom extract supplement called AHCC. Any or all of these may be worth a try!