Smear shows hpv and abnormal cell changes

Just got my smear results back yesterday and have hpv and cell changes. I am to go for a colposcopy now and am catastrophising that I have cancer. Has anyone else been through this?

Hello I know the feeling very well last year had same results mine turned up to be CIN3 CGIN abnormal cells no cancer , had LLETZ treatment and I have no abnormalities still HPV positive but hopefully will clear soon.I was also thinking the worst and googled way too much so my advice would be to stay out of Google and get information from this site . Also get the HPV vaccine. If you have low grade cell changes there is a high chance they will just go away without treatment. Good luck in your Colposcopy honestly if caught early treatment is extremely manageable and worse part is the stress and overthinking.

Thank you. It’s so good to know I’m not alone. Hopefully all will be well but still am worried. I am trying not to overthink it but my mind not letting me xx

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Hi everyone, first time poster here. I just got my smear test results today and they show HPV and severe dyskaryosis :pensive:
I am just sitting here Googling and trying to find some reassurance and make sense of it all. I was given an appt for a colposcopy in a weeks time then managed to get a cancellation for tomorrow. I’ve always had regular smears which have been fine but I’m just so scared of what they are going to find. Sorry for rambling on xx

Hiya, I was in the same boat very recently with the same smear results. My letter said there was an 8 week wait for a colposcopy and luckily enough I had private health care through my work. I had my colposcopy nearly 4 weeks ago and which confirmed my smear and had the abnormal cells removed which was painless. The consultant advised that although they are abnormal they would only turn to cancer if left untreated. Please try not to worry. I know it’s easy for me to say but it will work out. I’m still waiting on my biopsy results. Good luck xxx

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