Two week urgent referral

I’m 56 and post menopause (a year with no periods). Went for my smear test and the nurse went to get the doctor midway through who confirmed my cervix was very “friable “ and highly inflamed and vascular. Not clear on what any of that means but have ended up with an urgent referral for a colposcopy which is happening on weds. I hadn’t been in any pain until the smear test but since that I have had an endless dull ache like a period pain and I’m worried sick. As I now have quite a lot of pain I’m wondering and worried about how much the colposcopy is going to hurt. Advice would be so welcome. Absolutely bricking it🥹

Hi Caroline - more than anything I just wanted to respond to this rather than reading and running. I know how scary this can feel, my colposcopy came as a shock too (just got a surprise invite after my smear before any results or anything). My personal advice would be to speak to your GP and explain the pain you are currently experiencing and your fears about the colposcopy - they may be able to prescribe some painkillers you can take in advance which may help with the current pain and to put you at a bit more ease for the procedure. I’d also really encourage you to be honest with the gyno about the pain both before and during the procedure so they can take this into account and go at your pace. Thinking of you - these things are never a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for your reply. That’s really helpful and I’ll definitely let them know that I’ve got pain before they begin. I’m hoping that they will be able to let me know there and then if there is something as it’s the waiting that’s the worst.
Really appreciate your kind words. Thank you x

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Thinking of you and hope all goes well. I think the key to it is to communicate and ask questions as much as you can - I felt a bit blindsided by the whole thing and on reflection I wish I’d asked more at the time. I was in the situation where I needed biopsies and they were honest that they didn’t know exactly what the outcome would be until the results came back but ultimately I came back as CIN3 which while isn’t ideal was not active cancer and I’ve had the cells hopefully completely removed via LLETZ (which honestly was not a horrible procedure, not exactly my favourite Monday afternoon activity but tolerable and I felt much more prepared to advocate for myself after the colposcopy). You are in the driving seat of your own care and have absolutely every right to ask questions and tell your team if something doesn’t feel right. You will get some answers and generally the numbers are on our side - thinking of you and hope all goes well.

Thank you so so much. Feel calmer after reading your words so really appreciate it. Many thanks x

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