2 week referral

Hi ladies 

I am new to here and after some advice please? 
I am 33 and last year was diagnosed with hpv but no cell changes and have recently had another smear in October which showed hpv still present and also cell changes. 
I have been waiting for a colposcopy and the app came through and it was ten weeks away. 
now my worry is my symptoms, I have had unexplained hip and groin pain (which has stopped me exercising) for about 4-5 months now. This is being investigated by hospital but we still have no answers and I am due to see orthopaedics 14th December. 
I am now thinking the two are linked but since then I have also had abnormal bleeding (fresh bright red blood) and also pressure pains low in my belly/pelvic area and also had a gland swell up under my arm. 
I called my drs and they brushed me off initially but then I got a call back a couple of hours later, after I'm assuming they spoke to someone else? And they advised they would refer me under the 2 week rule as a suspected cancer and I should try not to worry!? 
so now I am waiting and worried sick! 
I should also mention earlier on this year I felt my cervix myself and felt a hard sort of ridge so went to my gp and she did an internal examination and said it was cervical ectropian and again I shouldn't worry. 
I really am worried sick, more so because we are actively trying for a baby and have been all year with no luck. I'm terrified and have a gut feeling something isn't right. 
even my periods, I barely bleed and at most they last 3 days, this month lasted 6 days and I've been bleeding ever since even on my peak days of ovulation (according to clearblue) 

can anyone please help me ease my mind until my appointment :( 

Hi hun hopefully your symptoms are just coincidence as sometimes we try to make sense of things and fit everything into the mould if you know what I mean. It does sound like some investigation is needed though. I have symptoms that's why I booked in for my first smear else I might not have been so on the ball and it's come back cin 1 and hpv. I'm just waiting for biopsy results now. From my understanding abnormal cells take years to develop into cancer so if your smear was clear last year and dr had a look internally too there may be nothing to worry about or just a case of monitor or remove the cells. I completely understand the panic though my whole life feels like it's come to a standstill. Just remember screening is in place as a preventative measure but definitely mention everything to the dr at colposcopy. My colposcopy and biopsies weren't painful just a bit uncomfortable. I hope you get some answers and get sorted quickly X