Urgent referral for colposcopy appointment is with gynaecology oncologist


 I hope you don't mind me posting here as I have not been diagnosed.

On Monday I went to the GP to have my coil changed and a smear. We had the usual chat about any changes and I explained that I had been spotting again, increasing discharge which is often pink and that I have ibs symptoms. The former I assume is related to my coil coming to the end of its life and the latter to having changed jobs and feeling a bit stressed. I don't have the coil for contraception but because I have veray heavy periods.

The doctor took my coil out and got a smear but stopped because I was in so much discomfort. While I got dressed the doc explained that my cervix was very inflamed and raw and that it had bled on contact. She checked my notes and we went through my history. Abnormal smear and Lletz for cin3 in 2007, polyp whilst pregnant. Last smear clear in 2014.

Doctor then explained that my cervix looked very abnormal and that she would refer me back to gyncology for a colposcopy. I asked if it was erosion from my previous Lletz and she said it wasn't. I asked if I needed antibiotics if I had an infection and she said that antibiotics would not fix this. She said my referral would be urgent and that she would expect it to be before my smear results come in. 


I left the surgery feeling quite quite positive because my GP is excellent and very thoroug. When I explained it all to my husband he suggested I make a private appointment through his work medical schem. I called them and they offered me an appointment on Wednesday. I asked my surgery for a referral letter which I collected and scanned to the hospital. I then received a call from the hospital to tell me that the letter had been reviewed by the ,Dr I was due to see but he recommended I go to another doctor. So here I am waiting to see the consultant gynaecologist oncol on Monday for a colposcopy.


 I am increasingly worried about what they will find but more worried that I won't get any answers. Can anyone reassure me or offer advice on whether or not the consultant will tell me what he thinks is wrong? 

S/He might be able to tell you at the colposcopy if it is just abnormal cells or looking more cancerous. But if they do another LLETZ then as you're probably aware they'll send it off to test it to make absolutely certain.

Try not to worry. You go for regular smears and you've got an appointment super quick. Xxx

Thank you. I know I have been on this merry go round before but I am certainly more anxious about this time. 

Hello Tigger82,

How did you go on today? 




The Dr had a good look and took a big biopsy. He isn't overly concerned about it. I have a very inflamed and raw cerix too which could be an infection or ectropion. We had a good chat through my history and he suggested that I consider a hysterectomy. I have had previous CIN3, a Lletz, more CIN, a polyp and now this. My poor cervix has had a rough time of it! In addition I have ridiculously heavy periods and on balance he feels it will solve two problems. With recurring CIN there is a limit to the number of tines they can carry out procedures.

Lots to think about.

How are you?

Hi tigger bless you, you have a lot to think about, you sure have been througt a lot, I often say I envy men lol xxx