Referral following smear test

Hi everyone


I received a call this morning saying I'd been referred to gynaecology following my smear test. I don't know what the results were or what exactly the tests are that I'm having as I haven't received the letter yet and they couldn't tell me anything over the phone. I've also been experiencing abnormal bleeding between periods... not every month, perhaps 1 in 3 or 4... for the last year at least. I recently went to the doctors about this and they found no sign of infection and no fibroids etc when they did an ultrasound so now I'm really scared that this symptom plus an abnormal smear must be cancer.


Can anyone tell me how much detail you get in the referral letter, e.g. will they be able to tell me already how severe the cell changes are and what tests will be done? The waiting is driving me mad and it's only been a day!


Also if anyone has any experience of an abnormal smear and irregular bleeding that wasn't cancer it would be nice to hear about, as I don't know if it's possible that it could be anything less sinister :(


Thank you everyone


Hi just going on mine I did a smear got a letter to contact my gp and I rang them they told me over the phone I had hpv and was sending me to get a colopscopy, dont stress it might just be mild abnormal changes that need to be looked at and that might be the end or u might need treatment to remove the bad cells like I did, you shouldn't be waiting more then 2 weeks for the call, wishing you the best, I know it's not easy to not panic but its very common  xxx

Hi hun, I had an abnormal smear, then lik you had a referral.  I had a coploscopy  - and during this procedure I had the Loop/Lletz and biopsy too.  4 weeks later i was diagnosed with cancer.  I'm having a radical hysterectomy on 30th May. I know it's hard, but try not to worry - and stay away from Google!!! The ladies on this forum are lovely and very helpful.  This forum has got me through xxxx

Sorry to jump on this post - Kazza sorry to see about your dignoasis do you mine if I ask if they informed you of anything when yu had your LLETZ or what your smear showed? I had my LLETZ done last week and have been really stressed since although they said a large area and that I should hear something within next 4 weeks - always seems like a lifetime waiting!

Thank you both for your replies. I wish you both all the luck with this! And I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis kazza.


I got my letter through - high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. That combined with the bleeding has me very worried, but all I can do is try to think positively and wait!

Kazzag bless you, sending u some hugs xxxxxx

Hi Girls,

First of all Kazaa I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. But you will kick cancers butt! 

I have received my abnormal test results. High grade - Moderate. I am awaiting colposcopy and biopsy. I am extremely worried. I don't know what to expect I hate this wait...

Kazaa do you mind me asking if you ever had any other symptoms before your diagnosis ? 

I wish you All all the best

Hiya Hun, no, they didn't inform me of nothing at all. I don't think that they are allowed to mention anything so as not to make you worry as the test results take between 4 -6 weeks.  It is the waiting thats the hardest part of this whole thing. You wait to get results, you wait to get staged, then you wait to get the results if your staging, then you wait for treatment. You have to get used to the waiting. Xxxx

Hiya ladies, with regards to symptoms I suppose I did but just brushed them off. When I had my little boy 9 years ago I was sterilised during my c-section. Subsequently I had heavier periods but put this down to me being sterilised as they said that this was one of the signs. Anyway I'm 6 days post op and seem to be doing ok. I've had a radical hysterectomy (ovaries removed) and my lymph nodes removed to. Apart from being nauceous after eating the pain is not that bad. Starting to get some symptoms of menopause now so have an appointment with my GP tomorrow. I have a follow up appointment with my consultant 2 weeks on Wednesday when he will have the results from the lymph nodes. Hopefully I won't need chemo/rad therapy and I will have kicked cancers arse!