referral for a colposcopy

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a bit of advice I am 21 but I have been experience bleeding in between periods, after sex and pain after sex and I also get awful pain in my lower back, hips and tops of my legs. I have been tested for infections and a lot of other things which has all come back absolutley normal so I have now been referred for an urgent colposcopy. I’m just so worried as I feel like this has been going on for a while now and getting gradually worse but because of my age it has been a very slow process to get referred. Has anybody else been in the same situation who may be able to tell me how it went for I’m just so worried.

Thanks x

Hi Gillie I know this must be a really worrying time for you. I am so glad to hear that you are Pro active and taking steps to deal with your health difficulties. Am i right in believing you are to young for a smear?? Gillie I hope you can get some answers soon I waited for over a year for a diagnosis they kept telling me i was going through the Menapaause. Gillie sorry I cant be more helpful but you are on the right track for answers. I will be thinking about you please let me know how you get on XXXXXXXXXXX