Two week pathway

Hi all.

I’m just looking for a bit peace of mind.

I went to have a copper coil removed yesterday. On examination they found two white painful abnormalities/lumps which was then examined by a few other nurses. Who then said I needed further investigation and made me promise I would ask my gp to send me for urgent scans.
I have been bleeding constantly for years, pain during sex, foul discharge, back and hip pain. Each time being fobbed off. I had silver nitrate treatment 6 years ago for cervical ectropion and never been able to get a smear reading due to heavy bleeding. The sexual health clinic I went to has rang me today with an appointment in 5 days time to see their doctor.
When I was examined the relaxed chattery atmosphere changed and the nurses were then very serious when the said I must ring my gp for scans and that they are putting things in motion on there side.
Is this normal? If so what can I expect from the appointment.



I’m sorry your going through this, it’s scary when the atmosphere changes in the room. I had a similar thing happen to me at an initial appointment and it just made me worry.

It’s great that they are seeing you quickly, I imagine the doctor will examine you and potentially refer you to colposcopy. Definitely make sure you chase to get this done quickly as it will help put your mind at ease. The waiting is always the worst.

The lumps/abnormalities could be anything. Try and stay off Google, I drove myself mad looking things up.

Take care xx

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Thank you for your reply. The waiting and unknowing it definitely the worst.
I think cos I’ve been in with family members at every step is what keeps my mind worrying more. The lumps I keep saying is nothing, but all my other symptoms are screaming at me “you’ve been visiting your doctor since 2016 about it all and they fobbed you off”. I only went to get my coil out :woman_facepalming:.
Im definitely staying away from doctor google. That’s why I thought a forum would be best to get peoples real experiences.
I’ve only got till Wednesday to wait, spoke to the clinic today for some clarification and again they just said the consultant wants to see you as she was going to send me straight for a colposcopy. So in my head now, that’s a good thing.
Hope you got sorted and getting sorted.

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I’ve just been referred to gynae under the 2 week rule after visiting the GP today for post coital bleeding. Same thing happened with me when she looked at my cervix she said it was abnormal and feels irregular. I’ve taken to Google and I wish I hadn’t! I have no discharge or abdo pain but severe back pain. I’m now not sleeping I feel like I’m in a brain fog day dream. Had my tumour marker bloods done today. I’ve not told anyone so trying to keep it together is hard. Stay away from Google- this has escalated my anxiety ten fold!