23 and worried


2 weeks ago I had a copper coil fitted and at the appointment the doctor was concerned about abnormalities on my cervix and has referred me to see a gynecologist. The doctor tried to reassure me and said due to her only seeing it from the naked eye she couldn’t say what it could be, she also said that I shouldn’t worry and it was probably nothing. Cervical cancer unfortunately runs in my family and both my auntie and nan have had treatment for this both of which are completely clear now. My auntie was also only in her 20’s when this happened. I can’t help but sit here and worry. I have two small children and I feel such at a loss at the moment thinking the worst. During both pregnancies I was checking my cervix so I’m quite well knowledgeable about how my own cervix feels for a while now it has felt rough and bumpy on one area but I thought nothing of it and I’m guessing this is what the doctor could see. I am driving myself insane at the moment and so anxious about it all. The waiting list for the gynecologist in my area is 4-6 weeks so am still waiting for an appointment at the moment. Due to my age I have never had a smear test and have no idea what’s it store for me. I guess there is no real question or advice I’m after here just abit of information of what’s in store for me at the gynecologist and has anyone ever had similar experiences and what was the outcome. I feel I need to prepare for the worst outcome due to my families history.

Hey sorry I can't provide you with any advice. It sounds like you have been referred for a colposcopy. They will use a lens to look at your cervix and perhaps take a biopsy of any areas that they deem as abnormal. This is painful in any way just uncomfortable having to lay with feet in the bed stirrups 

i was told 4-6 weeks but I was seen in 10 days. I hope yours comes through quick. 


Hi Charlie


Just a thought, but if as Lozley says you are going for a colposcopy, it's worth finding out where and giving them a call. The secretary at my local unit told me that they get a lot of cancellations, so you might be able to jump in and nab an earlier appointment, especially if you are able to  be flexible about taking one at relatively short notice. It's probably worth a go - if you tell them that the wait is making you extremely anxious, they will do their best to help :-)

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