Help please

Hello - this is my first posting and I am hoping someone could advise me. I have got myself scared and I cannot be seen until

after Christmas by doctor. I have had a coil fitted in Feb this year and I had constant bleeding on and off since. My GP said it was nothing to worry about and would settle but it didn't. I went o see my GP to have it removed as STIll bleeding (Sex made it worse). Saw a different GP last week, who said she is refering me urgently to check I don;t have cancer. FREAKED OUT NOW. All my smears since 2002 have been negative and I even had a boipsy in 2011 which was negative because I had an erosion which GP said look suspicious (Diffreent GP again). GP says cervix looks but inflamed. COuld I have cancer and if not why is she refering me urgently (Not that urgemt if they wont see me till Jan 6th!!!)

Hi honey,

this has made me cross on your behalf! WHY would they go and say something like that to you!? Admittedly, I'm not a doctor but it sounds to me like this is all about your coil. It is highly unlikely you have cancer when you even had a clear biopsy, and cc is slow growing. 

Could you ring and tell them how stressful this is for you, maybe see if they can get you in sooner. It's always worth asking, often there are cancellations.


Molly xxxx

Oh thank you I hope it is. Just lost my dad to prostate cancer v aggressive form and I feel so paraniod. I kow they aren't related but I can't sleep very well - will phone re cancellation that is great idea