new and worried!

Hi there, 


I dont really know where to start! Approx 8 years ago i had 3 abnormal smears with moderate cin 2 and hpv positive, was called for colposcopy and believe i had a lletz done and was put on to 6 monthly recalls for my smears. After about 18 mths i caught pregnant and had to put off my smears while i was pregnant. Have had 2 normal smears since and just had a further smear done on friday 26th july (awaiting results).

While i attended this appointment i mentioned to the nurse i had been having some symptoms and she referred me to the gp. 

My symptoms are as follows - irregular bleeding (have had implant in for 2 years no problems prior) bleeding after sex, abdominal pain, pain during intercourse, symptoms on and off with regards to bleeding but painful intercourse and abdominal pain for about 6 mths. saw the gp who examined me and said everything looked normal (??? what does normal look like?) and while the implant can cause irregular bleeding it was very unlikely to be the cause as i have had it for 2 yrs no problems, then she said would refer me through the 2ww urgent referral system. I am sick with worry, have not been able to eat or sleep since the appointment and honestly dont know what to do with myself. I have not told anyone other than my husband what is going on and the waiting is killing me Yell


sorry about the long windedness! Anyone else going through the same thing?

Hi Kelly

Firstly can I say that I am sorry you are having to go through this worry.  Okay the bleeding can be one of many things, it could be erosion, hormonal, implant related.  The two week appointment is standard for your kind of problem and a their are many woman on here who have had a two week appointment and they have been fine.  I myself did get diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and had some horrible symptoms the bleeding, the pain during intercourse and disgusting discharge, I worried myself to death couldnt sleep eat etc, but after all of that I am only a stage 1.  No matter what your outcome is hun it can be sorted and treated.  Try not to worry, easier said that done I know I was in your position 3 weeks ago, but you do come through it.  

Try and keep busy, do what you normally do.  Let us know how you get on at the hospital and I will be thinkiing about you.


Kind regards 

Emma xxx