Trying to make sense of the last few days....

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, apologies in advance by what may be a long post!

I had a smear 02/03/20 which was a year after my previous one due to presence of HPV (with normal cells). I had no letter with results or contact from anyone following the test, I assumed with COVID outbreak things would be running slow! I had a call from local hospital on Tuesday asking me to come for Colposcopy on Thursday. I was a little taken aback and asked why I needed to go, to which I was told there was still HPV present and some cell changes. I told the nurse who called I'd had absolutely no information until now - she advised that it was just a routine and she'd send info in the post. 
2 days later, I went to the hospital, walked into consultants room who started by saying "you're here because of HPV positive and significant cell changes". Immediately felt very shocked and had to explain nobody had informed me of these significant changes. Consultant went on to say they'd be doing a procedure to remove some tissue for testing. Again - I had no idea this would be happening and began to feel extremely anxious. I had to ask consultant to explain what was going on & why sample needed to be taken, she gave me some information about CIN grading, and that severe was CIN2-3 which my test indicated.

Feeling very anxious, I walked into colposcopy room, and got set up. I could see my cervix on a big screen, anaesthetic given and I asked about my cervix - consultant said it shouldn't be white which the top half was. The screen was then turned away from me whilst procedure was being done. Once over, consultant said results would be back in 4 weeks and that I'd get a letter with results in the post.

I came home to find leaflets had arrived about LLETZ & colposcopy procedure (which I was unaware was going to happen!) 

I was in tears all afternoon and evening - wasn't expecting such invasive procedure, unaware of the severity of changes and extremely overwhelmed by it all. 4 weeks seems such a long time to wait, and just wondered if anyone has had / is having a similar experience? Looking for a bit of moral support whilst my anxiety is through the roof!



Hi Monkeygirl I had a similar experience in that I had a phone call from the hospital before I had had the results of the screening through the post but in my case I was seen and treated within 2 weeks so at least I had been able to find out in advance that I would have the laser treatment I had some idea what to expect. I was also given the phone number of a clinical nurse specialist who I could telephone with any questions & concerns which I found useful after the lletz. It's unfortunate that you didn't receive the letter about the lletz before you had your treatment. Do you have the number of a clinical nurse specialist you can phone for support? Waiting for the results can be quite stressful. You need support & lots of tlc. Do you have family and friends you can talk to? I think it may be worth letting the hospital know you did not receive the information until after your appointment. The good thing is that you have had the abnormal cells removed. You could also telephone your gp practice for support and to explain your experience. Make sure you follow the advice about after care in the leaflet. 



PS Jo's helpline is also a great place for support

Hi there,

Thank you so much for responding! No, I want given any numbers to contact - just the lletz leaflet to read for aftercare advice. I'm not wanting to mention to family or friends at the moment - I think my parents are already anxious with the lockdown & friends I don't want to burden. I do have a supportive hubby but I think he's really concerned too especially after my meltdown when I got home! 
I think I will call the support line just to speak to someone - the worry comes in waves & if I keep busy it's not so bad.

I'm a bit OCD with planning & I feel completely out of control with this one - especially not knowing what was coming at my appointment yesterday!

Thanks again for responding. Take care