Treatment Results

Now on week 4 of my treatment, and still feeling well, the odd tummy upset, but no nausea / sickness, only the most awful taste in my mouth which I am told is a side effect of Cisplatin.  I had another acupuncture session today, which seems to have alleviated that a bit, it doesn't seem to be as bad as it was over the weekend, when absolutely nothing I ate or drank tasted pleasant.  Still feeling blessed if that is all I actually have to moan about.  

When having my pre-chemo bloods taken today, I asked the nurse when it would be likely that I would know how successful the treatment has been.  I have to admit to being a bit shocked that it could be up to 8 weeks after my treatment is complete.

I have 2 more chemo, and 9 more radiotherapy to do, followed by 3 Brachytherapy, that seems to be quite a wait to find out ;-/





Hi...they leave it a while because the treatment carries on working for weeks after it has finished! If they scanned you straight after, there would probably be evidence of a tumour there which will cause definite stress! The waiting is hard but hang in there! H x

Hi Helsweld,

Thanks for that, patience never was my strongest virtue at the best of times, it'll be good just to get through the treatment though and let it do it's work,


Feisty xx