2nd week done

I'm a little late posting this... oops.  My 2nd week of treatment ended on Friday.  Today, I started my 3rd chemo session and third week of external radiation.

So far, I'm still doing well.  Worst side effect to date - gas!  And that could be completely unrelated to the treatment for all I know.

I did get a surprise - my period.  If anyone is wondering, apparently it takes a while for the treatment to affect your menstrual cycle.

For those that didn't see my early post about week 1 treatment, I'm stage 1b2, doing chemo/radiation.  No bad reactions or side effects yet, though I'm still warned that symptoms tend to accumulate as you get further into treatment.  I also walk a lot every day, which they say is really good for the fatigue, and just a good idea in general to get some exercise every day.


Good luck to all!



Hi Niki :-)

Thanks for letting us know how you are getting along. Yes I do believe that the gas will be related to the radiotherapy - don't worry about it, farts are good for the soul :-)



Well done! I was 1B2 and had the same treatment. I suffered from the gas and bad nausea, so take any meds to prevent side effects rather than wait for them to kick in. It feels like times drags but i am almost 5months since i started treatment and now it feels like it has gone quick. Good luck xx