Treatment cycle completed


Finally finished my treatment today of 5 Chemo (Cisplatin), 25 Radiotherapy & 3 Brachytherapy,  and on the whole have felt well throughout my entire treatment. I've been very lucky to have suffered from no nausea, and only an upset stomach a few times requiring me to take Loperamide, and developing a horrid metallic taste in my mouth which I am pleased to say has gone since I completed Chemo. I saw an Acupuncturist once a week throughout my treatments which I am sure has helped me keep up my energy levels helped with some of the side effects.  Now the 6-8 week wait to find out if it's all worked, fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed for you :) xxx

Thanks Jojo,  My diagnosis was 1b1 also, so will keep my fingers crossed for you too xxx

Hi fiesty

so pleased for u that ur done and had few side effects, I'm on week three and so far so good! When did u get the metallic taste if u don't mind me asking.

hope u have something lovely planned now it's done and best of luck for the results!!




Hopefully I will be finishing treatment soon within the next month but I've got a feeling it will keep going - I have been poorly but I'm boucing back quicker now!

Fingers crossed that it's good news from here on out xx


Hi Kimmy,  

Thanks,  the metallic taste thing started after my 2nd treatment, and took about a week after my last treatment to disappear.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment & of course with your results,  

Stay Strong & Positive,

Feisty xx

Hi Carmel,

Thank you :-)

So sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly with your treatment, it's harsh enough without feeling poorly during it too. Glad to hear you are bouncing back a bit quicker after each treatment.  

Fingers crossed for you that your treatment is successful, and you don't need further treatments.

Stay Strong & Stay Positive, just take each day at a time,

Feisty xx

Congratulations Feisty :-)

Do keep us in the loop when you hear, though of course I am sure you will :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli xx

Well done you. I hope you are resting up for a while to recover.  Keep in touch between now and results, if you can try not to worry. Fill your time with fun stuff. Lots of love Sarah. Xxxx

Hi Sarah,

Thanks,  I'm wondering what to do with all that extra time now I'm not having to go back & forward to the hospital.  Taking the dogs for longer walks in an attempt to get off the weight that the flaming steriod 'anti-sickness' medication helped me pile on. 

How much longer do you have to wait for your results ?  

Hope you are feeling better after your op, it's a bugger those first fiew weeks as you realise just how much it's taken out of you,

Much Love,

Feisty xxx