Treated with chemorads and brachytherapy with no recurrence?

Hello all!


I was diagnosed with CC stage 1B2 in October 2018.  I was treated with 6 rounds of chemotherapy (cisplatin), 25 external radiation treatments and 4 brachytherapy.  I'm just curious if anyone has been treated similarly and never had a recurrence.  I'm not naive, just curious to see if there are happy endings.  :)


I think we all need to read lots of success stories to keep us going and there are plenty of ladies who have gone through the treatment you have had and not had recurrence. Most of them, however, don't come back onto the site once they have a couple of NEDs- they just want to get on with their lives and forget what has happened.  


Great points.  Thank you!

I’m probably not far enough along but I had the exact same treatment as you, with my last day of treatment Oct 30, 2018. So far so good, but I’ve only had a couple pelvic exams and I’m still bleeding a lot so although the doc says things look good I do wonder if he can really see. I’ve finally got my insurance to approve a PET scan, and I’m just waiting until I’ve healed enough to get it. Should be good early May. I hope the results are conclusive!

I just finished the same treatment- all clear - my doctors recommended doing carboplatin and taxol 4 session over 12 weeks to help insure it doesn’t come back

Hi, I have similar upcoming treatments 5 chemo, 28 radiation and 3 branchy. Im so scared of the post side effects of radiation, how do you guys feel now? Are you experiencing side effects? Also how old you? Im very scared of pelvic bone damage..