Recurring cancer


Was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer in August 2018.

I received chemotherapy 3/5 as the side effects were too bad, radiotherapy for 6 weeks then 3 brachytherapy, completed in November. 

Was given the all clear in January after MRI.

Started having very heavy, water, smelly discharge a few weeks later. Painful using dialators and when going to the toilet, like a very raw feeling. Discomfort lower abdomen which has turned painful in the last couple weeks.

I was referred back to oncology after results from GP came back negative after thinking it was just an infection.

Saw my consultant last Thursday and after an internal examination been referred for a biopsy under general anesthetic which is booked in for Monday. He said he could feel something hard where I was getting pain.

I'm concerned it's come back of course and wondered if anyone has had something similar as the wait is torture!?

Hi SG,

Sorry to hear your news!  I haven't had similar, but am also waiting to find out more about recurrence so have some understanding of how you might be feeling.  There are some wonderful, positive women on this site who will no doubt respond to your message.  Keep posting and try to keep positive. x

Hi I had biopsies taken on thursday 9 months after my lap hyst. It's a bugger isn't it but we can do this. Sending love and positive vibes x

Torture it definitely is but the time will pass.

If It it a recurrence there are still curative options so please try not to worry too much.

There are many women with successfully treated recurrences on here.

Karen x 


Still waiting for results this really is torture on the plus side my house is tidy, the freezer is full and the washing basket is empty x

Relief no abnormal cells just granulation. And breathe x


So happppyyy for youuu !!!!!

As long as the house is tidy,the freezer is full and all the laundry is done ,go out and celebrate. :))))))



Hi Cherryelm 

I had the same at my 2nd check up,  had a total meltdown when the consultant plucked a mushroom out and said she'd send it away for analysis. Came back as granulated tissue, a very worrying two weeks x

Thank you ladies had the most relaxing and indulgent weekend back to resl life tomorrow x


Its been 11 months since the 2B cervical cancer treatment and there were few discharges now and then. But after quite a while, my mother had a watery to clear discharge suddenly once. Is it something expected or to be bothered about? We have an appointment next week but if any one can throw some light pls?