Finished Treatment Yesterday

Hello Ladies,

Been a while since I posted on here.  Initially Drs thought I had cervical cancer but when referred to a oncologist it turned to be endometrial - in womb and traces starting to appear in left ovary.

Had radical hysterectomy in October, lymph nodes had no trace at all but as I am young for this type of cancer (37), the Dr said "we are going to give you everything we have".  So then when onto 6 round of taxol /carboplatin with 20 external and 5 internal radiation sandwiched in between. And my last chemo was yesterday!!

Body is feeling it, but wasn't as bad as I had envisaged.

I now go back for my first post treatment CT scan in 6 weeks, and then back to consultant in 8 weeks for any feedback and my follow up plan.

Feeling a mixture of excited and anxious today.

Hope you are all doing okay.





Hi Laura. Well done for getting through your treatment. I finished radiotherapy at the end of march and it was such a relief. You will just be able to concentrate on building yourself up and getting well again. It didn't take me too long. I feel almost 100% now. Everyone says I look great ,its such a boost. I'm interested in how you found the chemo? I am about to start on taxol/carbo. The drs say I have a good chance of it working. I am 46. Not had chemo before. Have you any top tips? Did you loose your hair quite quickly? Any nerve damage? I'm really worried about taking the high dose of steroids day before/day of treatment. How did you manage?

Hope you don't mind being bombarded with questions but taxol/carbo does not seem that common. I'm also having avastin, but again no one else has much advice. A few ladies have been fantastic but I am keen to know as much as I can.

See if you can plan some lovely stuff to do over the next few weeks before your scans. You deserve some treats. Pamper yourself and surround yourself with people who will love and support you. One thing I have learnt is my time is precious. I don't do stuff that doesn't make me happy.

((((((Big hug)))))))



Hi Karen, The treatment is doable - I think that is my new favourite word. Most of my side effects came in the first few days. Quite tired but even you are feeling tired try a little walk every day, metallic taste in my mouth - but pineapple chunk sweets are amazing to get rid of this. I used the cold cap, so still have hair albeit thinly around the top of my head, it started to fall out on day 17 after my first treatment. Have had some nerve damage in the little finger on my left hand, but I just massage it and it tends to ease. The nurses gave me steroids on the day of treatment, then I took them for 3 days after - dextamethasone. They give you quite a flushed face and the first day off them can feel like a bit of a "crash". But when I get to about day 6 after treatment, I started to pick up. Carboplatin can effect the magnesium levels in your blood - so try & include Brazil nuts, small amounts of dark chocolate, spinach in your diet. It helps prevent muscle aches. When my consultant told me about the all of the side effects I did do a big gulp!! But she said it is what could happen, everyone is different. This treatment is used as a first line treatment for endometrial and yes my consultant said in her experience it is very effective. Hope that helps.

1 thing I forgot, in the first few days have some Gaviscon to hand as you can get some really attractive wind. But the Gaviscon clears it up straight away

Thanks that's all really helpful xx

Hi Laura

Good news that you are through the treatments. .......

I understand what you are saying, its a mixed emotions time .... anxious, releif, lonely etc ..... I found focusing on getting as fit as possible by the first appointment helped fill the void left by no longer having the daily treatments

Good luck for the appointments