Traumatic lletz

12 months ago I tested positive for HPV, but no abnormal cells, repeat smear in 12 months

Repeat smear showed HPV still present and severe dyskaryosis. So I was booked into the hospital for lletz.

I don’t understand how it can go from nothing to severe in 12 months. I did ask but was told that my county is part of some trial and the answer is they just don’t know as anywhere else I wouldn’t have been called back.

Lletz was very traumatic, there was a lot of bleeding which they could not stop, I had to have gas and air as I was getting very sore and anxious and I ended up in theatre under a general anaesthetic.

In 6 months time I have to go back to be tested again, I’m petrified I never want anyone to touch that area again.

And I don’t get the point in removing the cells when HPV is still present, won’t they just come back? They have already appeared in 12 months from no where

Would they have been able to tell when they did the lletz if it was sinister? They didn’t really give me any information or indicate what the cells were or how big but I think they said the medium wasn’t big enough. There was a lot of discussion between them but I can’t remember what.

Did you find out what it was? 

Did you find out what it was?

Nope, and the more I think about it the more worried I am.  Due to what happened I was obviously shunted off to a different ward, the next day i asked what happened and what to expect and was given a leaflet by jo's trust.  The doctor who did it who I'm sure was just in training came to see me, she just said hopefully they had got it all and I'd get a letter in the post.  But to be honest I don't think I was in a fit state to take in what was being said.


the doctor came to see me after theatre and poss again after that, I haven't a clue what she said as I was out of it.