Frustrated. HPV after 2 lletz

Hi all,

I’ve just received the results of my first follow-up smear after 2 complicated lletz procedures last year. Apparently there are low grade dyskorosis cells present and I’ve got an HPV virus so I need to go back to the hospital. Does this sound as though I can expect another lletz at my colposcopy appointment?

At my first lletz the doctor took away an unusual amount of tissue. I developed an infection and a week later started bleeding uncontrollably and was hospitalised for a few days.

While I’m glad it isnt anything worse, I’m so scared and upset, the past 9 months have been an emotional and physical rollercoaster so any advice is appreciated. The lack of information from the Drs and hospital means forums like this and exchanging stories is especially important!

Thank you.

You poor thing, I'm so sorry about your results. 

With low grade dyskaryosis I doubt that they'd do another LLETZ? Especially as you've already had two!

When is your colposcopy? I'd think that they'd have a look and see how your cervix appears on colposcopy and take a biopsy rather than jumping straight in.

When I had my first smear with HPV and CIN1-2 high grade dyskariosis they sent me for a colposcopy, I had a biopsy. They gave me the option of having a LLETZ or to wait six months. I asked to wait. Then six months later I went for another colposcopy and biopsy. They said that the results were much the same and it didn't appear to be getting worse but advised treatment.

All doctors seem to give different advice and take different courses of action, I know it's frustrating but just wait and see what they say when they can have a proper look at it xx