How often should i have smears after lletz?????

Hi everyone. I was just wondering how often people are being invited for smears post lletz treatment??? I had a smear in January 2014 and the results came back as high grade dyskaryosis. I was invited for a colposcopy and they removed the cells via lletz there and then. 6 months later in July 2014 I had a smear and everything came back normal. Since then I haven’t heard anything so I booked myself in for a smear in October 2015 and thankfully that came back normal aswell. My point is I was told I would be “kept an eye on” and be invited for yearly smears for least 3 years, however this doesn’t seem to be happening. What are everyone else’s experiences???



I had LLETZ done 3 years ago and went for yearly check ups - supposed to have them for 5 years - however the NHS have now started rolling out 3 yearly smears if you have a negative HPV smear for the previous year. I never got invited for my yearly smears so i always used to just book them and explain to nurse why I was there. 

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply yellowbubblegum. Thing is hpv was never mentioned once to me so i have no idea if i have ever tested positive for it or not.Grrrrrrrrr its all so confusing lol x

Hi hun,


No problem! I know it is very confusing, perhaps ring your GP and see if they can confirm if HPV was ever detected for you? I wasn't happy that the NHS have stopped doing the yearly smears for myself as I never had HPV when the cells were removed so I actually have a private appointment tomorrow for a smear as the NHS refused to test the sample I had taken last month.

Hope you get some answers xx

Hi there. I am coming up to one year since CIN3 diagnosis. Treated with LLETZ and in April had the all clear. I was also told by 2 doctors that I wouldn't fall through the net and that I would have yearly smears for a while but I too haven't heard anything since April when the letter said 3 year recall. Is this right?? I am going to call my doctors this morning and see if I can put myself forward for a smear test. Maybe I should ask about HPV?