too young for smear on the NHS

Hi lovely ladies!


I'm 21, been having bleeding and other symptoms since December and haven't really had any progress with the NHS. I finally got a referral for gyne on the NHS but the waiting list is approximately 2 months and my symptoms are accruing fast. 


Has anyone had similar experiences either in waiting too long so going private for tests or treatment? Or too young to be taken seriously by the NHS?




i’d keep on pushing for one and say you’re really worried and the symptoms aren’t going!

if you can’t wait the two months and they don’t seem to be bringing it forward could you go private?

what other symptoms have you been having? X

Thank you I'll try! 

My mum's offered to pay to get some tests done privately but I'm not sure how that would work in terms of treatment whether the NHS would help after that.

I've been getting both types of bleeding, lose of appetite, stomach pain, pain during sex and a kinda uti like feeling where it feels like I need to go all the time haha. Having had a little skim over the forum and seeing people with similar has worried me a bit more x

Yeah the NHS would definitely help if you go for a one off private appointment.

Google can be the devil at times like these as you only normally see worst case scenarios. 

I had my first smear three years ago and then my second just over three months ago, first smear came back ok and this time it’s came back as low grade dyskaryosis and I’ve tested positive for HPV. 

Had an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday to have a colposcopy where they look at your cervix through a camera to see what’s going off, waiting on results now but my nurse said from looking at it it’s not cancer. Worried about this HPV though 

I’ve not really got any symptoms tbh! with you mentioning the ones you have it could be down to something else as as you can see even with me not really having any it still shown abnormalities on my cells. 

Try and avoid google and I hope everything is ok for you, keep us updated xx