private v nhs

Hi ladies,

I have recently had my first smear test (aged 29) after putting it off due to anxieties and not re-booking after cancelled appointments. I am pretty hopeless at looking after myself.

Anyway, I finally went along and found it very painful and felt sick thoughout so was pleased to.have it over amd done with.

About a week later, I got my results letter saying I have abnormal high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis in my sample. I have been referred for a colposcopy but am now waiting for a date. Initially I was upset and then scared and now I am just eager to get it sorted as it feels like this little grey cloud is over me. I know it might be nothing and am usually a very positive person but everyday feels like a waiting game and I am struggling at night to relax. I woke up crying the other night and my wonderful fiance is starting to really worry now too, although we both know it could still be very easy to fix, the not knowing is the hardest part.

I have considered private treatment, has anyone hone down this route? We can’t afford it but my future Mother-in-law has offered to pay if it means getting it sorted quicker.

I have never had private treatment or anything like this before and don’t know what to do.

Feeling lost and confused.

Can anyone help?

Natalie xx

Hi Natalie. I am also a Natalie lol. Sorry to hear of your worries. Well done for going for your smear and grinning and bareing it, I know many that won't go and have one! 

Sorry to hear of your abnormal result too. I would first call the colposcopy clinic to see if they can give you an appointment over the telephone as the hospital I used had an online system and prebooked me over the phone. Express your worry to them of waiting. Private is an option, I used private medical cover for none gynae issues, which was very quick! If there is a big wait to be seen through the NHS then maybe private will ease your anxiety a bit.

Do bare in mind though that if they aren't booking you in urgently, then there isn't necessarily anything untoward to worry about. Chances are they will remove the abnormal cells and you will have more frequent smears until you have a normal result. An abnormal result doesn't always mean cancer.

Wishing you the best of luck x

Hi Natalie

I was in the same position as you a few weeks ago. I got my smear results and the next day got my appointment in the post for the week after so fortunately the nhs has been timely for me.

My husba pays for family private medical insurance through his employer so I have that option to go private but haven't needed to use it yet. in my experience this kind of thing gets dealt with quickly.

The waiting period you are in at the moment is the hardest part of this process. Stay strong, make plans in the evening to keep your mind off it.

Autumn x

Hi Natalie,

Your experience of smear and results sound very similar to my own - I'm also 29 and had my first smear this year, and found it quite a painful experience tbh, moreso than I expected. My results were CIN2 (moderate) although they initially thought CIN3. I have private insurance through my employer so used this, and it was quick (only hold ups were my own holiday and the gynaecologist's holiday), and I appear to have healed well (currently 3 weeks and 2 days post LLETZ). Have the NHS given you an idea of when you appointment is likely to be? From reading others' experiences on this board, it does seem as though they're normally quick with these things, however if there is a longer wait than you'd like and you want to speed things up, private could be a good option. I know it's a worry though, although I did feel better once I knew when the appointments were, and then tried to stay busy in the meantime xx


Hi ladies,

I have a date now for my appointment and it is on Tuesday  (6th Sept). I feel quite relieved to at least know when it is happening. Still feeling nervous but lots more positive than before and reading your messages has really helped me so thank you so much for replying.  

Thank you for your support, it is nice to feel like we are all together in this and not alone. 

Your advice about staying busy has helped. I have been treating myself to little things like getting my nails done, which have helped me feel a bit better- that might sound random but it has! Overall I have found talking it through has been so much better than keeping my worries inside. 

Thank you again to each of you for your message, it means a lot! 

Natalie x