high grade dyskaryosis 1st smear

Hi i just had my first smear on the 12th and tbh waiting for the results was not even on my mind. However I then got my results on the 20th which informed me my result was abnormal( high grade dyskaryosis) and will need a colposcopy but no information on when this will be, how long will i have to wait for an appointment. I just want more information a week on and still no news and getting my results all it has done it put this on my mond hoping Today it will be in the post,reading previous comments a colposcopy isnt necessarily something to be worried about but still feeling anxious and just want to get it over and done with. I feel quite angry at this point that this was my first smear and feel like just left in the dark, why could they not just wait and send my results and appointment together?grrr sorry to rant by my gosh they like to worry you and make you wait! just want to know how long others had to wait for the app to come through the post and how did the colposcopy go? 

Hi there, 

I received my appointment in the same letter for exactly a week later. Maybe if it's been a week since your results you could ring them to find out?



Hi louise

thank you so much for responding, just tried to call but guess I left it abit late in the day shall try again.thanks again

I had a letter saying I had mild dyscaryosis + high risk HPV and that they will send me a separate letter for an appointment for colposcopy. It took 2-3 weeks to arrive by which time i had the whole procedure done (coplo + lletz) privately. 

I guess it's the lab that sends out the results and the clinic that sends out the appointments and some people might get extra stressed if their results are delayed by the clinic. But certainly there is plenty of room for improvement in the way these things are dealt with in Britain.

Be lucky :-)




Same happened with me and my biopsy results! I got told i needed a further appointment but didnt say why and my biopsy results arrived 2-3wks later even tho they had them at the same time!


Call them i did as soon as my results came through i rang the hospital and booked an appointment.

Thank you so much ladies for responding, feel really silly for getting annoyed about this now as sounds like many of you have had to wait. i guess we are very fortunate to  even have the nhs but just cant help but feel angry... it really is emotionally draining. Called the colposcopy department again today and left my name and number so hopefully il hear back from them, may go private if just cant handle the not knowing.

It is great to have this forum and hearing other peoples experiences.

wishing you all luck with your results and thank you again

Aww dont despair i just figured theres nothing you can do its been in your body so long without you knowing or worrying. Just get your appointment booked ring them again monday my letter never had a date it said they would contact me but i called them straightaway.

During the waiting dont put yourself through hell its out of your hands have each milestone booked in front and enjoy life whilst your waiting. Take one step at a time and look at it that its good our nhs do all this screening/procedures to prevent us geting cancer long term