Waiting colposcopy, feeling isolated and stressed.

Hi Ladies,

I'm 25 and had my first smear at the end of March. My results came back last week saying they found 'severe dyskaryosis' and to arrange an appointment for a colposcopy asap. Due to the cyber attack last week my referal hadn't come in. The ladies from the doctors surgery and appointment centre managed to do a bit of investigation and got things moving again and I've just booked an appointment with the hospital for Wednesday next week - phew.

I'm struggling to talk about how I'm feeling with my friends and family. They are worried (as you'd expect), so I've been playing along and putting on a brave face for them and we've all been dancing around the elephant in the room. I'm the first of my friends to have a smear test and when I told them my result the general reaction was 'you'll be fine, its probably nothing, it's common to be misdiagnosed when you're young', is it common for severe dyskaryosis to be misdiagnosed? I don't know but my initial thoughts would be no, am I wrong to think that?

I'm trying to be positive and have read all the info about having a colposcopy that the doctors have provided (and google -curiosity got the better of me) but I still have so many worries and I feel very isolated. I'm worried that after treatment there will be complications like getting an infection and not being able to identify between what is normal recovery or if something is wrong, I know infections can happen to anyone but is it definitely obvious if something is wrong? This is proabably a silly and completely irrational question, I've never had anything like this done before so I'm feeling a bit whimpy.

Also what will happen if I get continuous 'abnormal' results that need treatment? I don't know how common this is but I am worried that multiple treatments will cause problems with fertility (this is really causing me some anxiety). When do they draw the line for treatments like LLETZ and move onto something more radical? I'm only just at the beginning of my journey but I wanted to put it out there and vent.

Lucy xx

Hello Lucy. Sorry to hear you find yourself in this position. I have two daughters your age so can really empathise with how you might be feeling. Jo' Trust is the best place to come for information and support as we have all been through various stages of cervical abnormalities through to cervical cancer, so understand what you are going through. It's good that you have your appointment next week as you just want to get on with the treatment and getting your life back on track. It sounds as though you have read about what is likely to happen during your colposcopy, which will look at the cervix in more detail. They may want to take a biopsy for diagnostic purposes, and sometimes they will go ahead and do a lletz if required. Whatever they decide is needed, you will be told exactly what is going to happen,p and the nurses will be very understanding. You were worried about infection afterwards. I don't know how common it is, but I didn't have anything, so try not to fear the worst. If you are concerned about any symptoms then it's always good to check it out with your GP. I understand from what I have read on this site, that having treatment for abnormal cells will reduce the risk of anything more serious developing by 95%, so once you have had the treatment, it is highly likely that you will not have further problems. You will of course be closely monitored afterwards. It is very normal to feel worried as it is all new for you, and no you are not a wimp, so don't do yourself down. Do use this forum for your support if you feel you can't share it with family or friends, we are always here. Just want to wish you all the very very best for Wednesday. Look after yourself afterwards and don't do anything too strenuous! Big hug.

Hi Lucy, I'm sam and am also 25 and had my first smear in April which came back with 'severe dyskaryosis'.

I attended the hospital for a Colposcopy which resulted in me having the Lletz treatment and I have just received the results today, CIN3 was confirmed but the result showed 'incomplete excision' so I'm not sure what this means? I'm in the same boat with regards to friends and family reacting with 'im sure everything will be fine' but it doesn't stop you from worrying. All we can do is try our bests to carry on with normal life until we know the outcome of treatments and tests etc!

Its not a nice thing to go through and I appreciate it being very scary when it's happening on your first smear (I think every one I have from now on will be extremely dreaded!). If ever you feel like you need a chat please message me and we can get through it together xx

I know exactly how you feel, I've hardly told anyone, my parents ask a million and one questions and I don't feel strong enough to answer them.  My husband on the other hand isn't interested, he can't even be bothered to remember I have an appointment despite making a fuss about taking me.  So ive just started going on my own and keeping it all inside