Private colposcopy I thought was all done! Any help much appreciated!!!

Hi, sorry to post on here if not necessary, but I can't stop myself from worrying! I had my first smear test 4 months ago, which came back borderline with HPV. I was so worried, to save waiting I had the colposcopy done privately. Biopsies were done and results came back clear and the letters said I needed to just go back into the normal 3 yearly screening. I had a letter from Nhs with an appointment that I didn't go to because I had already had the procedure done. Today I have had a call from my drs saying I need to go and see a dr about routine screening. They said they've had a letter from Newmarket but that's all they could tell me. They don't have any appointments until Thursday and I can't stop thinking about it. Could it just be that the nhs records show that I didn't have the colposcopy because I had it privately?! Thank you so much in advance for any response! Xx

Hi Charl, sorry to hear you've gone through this but I want to try and put your mind at rest... I flitted between private and NHS due to previous HPV and CIN 3 that I had treated in 2008. It's all happening again along with some other complications, so I paid for a private second opinion and smear. It meant the NHS ended up cancelling my referrals, booked double appoinements, sent me all sorts of weird letters - everything, you name it - they did it. So annoying. The communication between pricate and NHS is appauling so chances are it's just going to be an admin error.


Glad eberything has come back ok for you :-)

Best wishes, Lucy x

Thank you Lucy, really hoping that is the case! Hope all ok with you too hun. Xxx