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Hey all,

Back just over two years ago I went for my routine smear and it came back abnormal and hpv positive.

I am using the public health system in Aus so it took a year to have a colposcopy done. The doctor told me nothing about what he saw just showing the training doctor the discolouration blah blah and took biopsys. Waited anotger 6 months to see the gyno and she said i would need to see the doc again in 6 months for another colposcopy. My appointment was supposed to be a few months back but it was cancel due to doc taking leave. 

All I know is its apparently cin3 or something. I can't really afford to go private but by next appointment now is in april. I feel like is not getting handled well at all. I barely know much about it all. I am only 24 so the doc says not to stress as I am too yough for it to become anything major.

I have not had an international examination in over 12 months. My periods are becoming unbearable, i constantly have dull aches in the back of my hips and am constantly leaking clear fluid. I feel like it has gotten worse..

I am debating to just go privately and get it sorted quickly but I want to know if I am being dramatic about it.

What do you guys think?

I don't know how the public health service in Auz works, but I considered going private here in the UK.  I wanted to be seen ASAP and my colposcopy appointment wasn't for a couple of weeks after my smear results came back.

I spoke to my GP who suggested that I stick with NHS because I was going to need continuous procedures and treatment and eventually I'd run out of money.  She was right.  My private insurance would have run out by now but NHS is still covering the ultrasounds and testing that I need.

I can't really say what's best for you, but maybe you could try to persist with the public health service and see if you can be seen  more  quickly with them rather than switching to private.

Best of luck you you~  keep us updated on your progress.